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Mazdaspeed Motorsports Development solid lifters MAZDA

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 1985 - 1993 323 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL
Click For More Info 1989 - 2005 MIATA ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL
Click For More Info 2004 - 2005 MIATA MAZDASPEED ALL ALL T ALL ALL
Click For More Info 1990 - 1994 PROTEGE ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL

Product Description

Mazdaspeed Motorsports Development shim-under-bucket style solid lifters can be used to upgrade NA (HLA = Hydraulic Lash Adjuster) or NB (solid disc-over-bucket) valve trains.

The first image below illustrates the various valve train setups. The second image shows the catastrophic damage to the head that happens when an NB disc-over-bucket style disc is “spit out.”

After a fresh valve job is completed, assemble the valve train and use stacked feeler gauges to measure the lash (the gap between the top of the lifter and the lobe of the camshaft) of each lifter. Cold lash clearances (with caps installed) should be:

INTAKE = .20mm (.008”)
EXHAUST = .25mm (.010”)

Once the needed thickness(es) are known, order Supertech lash caps. List the needed sizes in the notes field when you check out.